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Racheli Plays Soccer
June 2011
Racheli Walks!
November 2010
Aba and Zvi's
Stop Motion Video
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Ani Yehudi

2011 First Pics of Tova Ester  

2010 VIDEO: Azaryah Yosef's Upsherin May 2010

VIDEO: Ima's Trip to Meron
VIDEO: Aba and Zvi's Stop Motion Video

2009 VIDEO: Akiva Meir Says Thank You

VIDEO: Channukah 2009

2008 VIDEO:  Zvi's trip to the Negev Desert

VIDEO: Shuki's Upsherin

VIDEO: Guantanamerra

VIDEO: Yossi Gets Domestic

VIDEO: Azaryah Yosef is Born
VIDEO: Racheli Sings: Af Yehudi Lo Levad

VIDEO: Racheli Says Thank You

VIDEO: Presentation of our trip to Masada, Pesach 2008

VIDEO: Azaryah Yosef and Cousins

2007 Family Photos - October 2007

Summer Fun August 2007
VIDEO: Presentation of our Purim Experience 2007

36 Seconds of Cuteness: Shuki August 2007

Leah's Trip to Australia - October 2007

2006 VIDEO & PICS: January 2006: Snow!

Purim 2006

VIDEO & PICS: Wedding of Avraham and Avigail

Yonatan Yechezkel Karp

Yossi's Trip to Ein Gedi
January-February 2006

March 2006

Kids, December 2006

Channukah 2006

2005 Zvi's Chumash Party

First Pictures of
Yehoshua (Shuki) Nachum

Simmons 2004-2005
October 2005

Channukah 2005

2004 Akiva Chaim Spiegel's Bris in Ramat Beit Shemesh Feb 04

Purim 2004

Shavuot 2004

Racheli's End of Year Shabbos Party

Shimi's End of Year Party

Trip to Tzfat July 2004

Zvi's 7th Birthday: Pizza Picnic in the Park

Sukkos 2004

Sukkos Trip to the Farm

Leah and Ben Simmons' New Baby, Yehudis
Channukah 2004

Rafi Visits 2004

Sandy Visits December 2004 - January 2005

Zvi's Photo Gallery

First photos of Akiva Meir

Akiva Meir June 04

Kapla Creations

Zvi and Shimi June 04

Rafi in da house!

Rafi and Yossi

2003 Avraham Warren's 4th Birthday Party

Karps, Herschtals and Warrens at the Park


Merkaz Klitah

Ramat Beit Shemesh

Pre-Lift Photos

Out and About

Yossi's Trip to Chevron

Leah and Ben's with the Murkies'

Zvi the Aba

Avishai Nyssen's Bris in Beit Shemesh Dec 03

Channukah 2003

Racheli's 3rd Birthday Party

2002 February 2002

March 2002

April 2002

Zvi April 2002

Purim 2002

Moishe Simchah Simmon's Pidyon HaBen 2002

Karp, Simmons, Morris Get-Together 2002
Dinner at Safta's 2002

Racheli 2002

August 2002

Shimi's Pre Upsherin Photos 2002

Shimi's Upsherin Photos 2002 

Zvi's 5th Birthday Party
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